Callbacks (deprecated)

Although deprecated, Callbacks works just exactly as before, but you should consider using the new Event handling implementation for future work.

YaEtl inherits a KISS CallbackInterface from NodalFlow which can be used to trigger callback methods in various steps of the process.

Each of these trigger slots takes current flow as first argument which allows control of the carrying flow. Please note that the flow provided may be a branch in some upstream flow, not necessarily the root flow. progress($flow, $node) additionally gets the current node as second argument which allows you to eventually get more insights about what is going on. Please note that there is no guarantee that you will see each node in progress() as this method is only triggered each $progressMod time the flow iterates, and this can occur in any Traversable node.

YaEtl also extends two protected method from NodalFlow that will be triggered just before and after the flow's execution, flowStrat() and flowEnd(). You can override them to add more logic. These are not treated as events as they are always used by YaEtl and NodalFlow.

To use callbacks, just implement CallbackInterface and inject it in the flow.

$flow = new YaEtl;
$callback = new ClassImplementingCallbackInterface;


A CallbackAbstract provides with a NoOp implementation of CallbackInterface in case you only need to override few of the interface methods without implementing the others.

A FlowStatus object is available within callbacks in case you need to make decisions based on how things went. The FlowStatus can indicate several states:


That is if everything went well up to this point:

$isClean = $flow->getFlowStatus()->isClean();


That is if the flow was broken (break interruption) by a node:

$isDirty = $flow->getFlowStatus()->isDirty();


That is if a node raised an exception during the execution:

$isDirty = $flow->getFlowStatus()->isException();